Grant Funding Request Form


Davie County Tourism welcomes proposals for Special Projects/Events Funding from area organizations, both profit and not for profit that are designed for the purpose of attracting visitors to Davie County.*

  • Application Process and Requirements:

    Any organization wishing to request funding support from Davie County Tourism must complete the Special Project Funding Request & Budget Form. If areas of the application are left blank, the DCTAB reserves the right to deny review of that application. There is no limit to the number of requests for funding per organization but submissions are limited to one funding request per event/project.*

  • Completed Applications must be submitted by 5pm on February 28, 2020 to the Davie County Tourism Advisory Board (DCTAB) at 135 S. Salisbury Street, Mocksville, NC 27028. Applications received after the grant cycle is closed may be reviewed on a case by case basis or will be considered in the next grant cycle in January 2021.

  • Applications will be reviewed initially by Tourism staff to ensure compliance and completion of applications. All completed applications will be reviewed by the Davie County Tourism Advisory Board for consideration and approval of funding.

  • Applicants may be invited to present, in person, a formal presentation of the project. However a presentation is not a requirement for a funding request to be eligible for consideration. Requests for presentations will be determined by the board.

  • In making decisions on grant applications, the board will consider such factors as the type and scope of the applying organization, the impact and priority of the proposed project, the timetable, the number of applications received, the dollar amounts requested and the dollar amount available. Applications indicating matching funds on a dollar-for-dollar or greater basis are encouraged and may determine project funding.

  • Payment of Approved Grants: If your grant request is approved for funding, applicant must submit an invoice in the amount requested to Davie County Tourism in order to receive funds. Payments will be made in the form of a check and will be disbursed from July 1st through the end of August. Approved grants will be paid in a lump sum or in increments, depending on the amount granted and the scope of the project.

  • *Grant funding may not be used for any operation costs including but not limited to salaries, rent, insurance, etc., nor may it be used for maintenance of facilities or grounds.

  • If you prefer to download a paper version of the grant funding application, click here.