Visit Davie County, North Carolina!

Spring Into Spring: Cultivate Your Garden Oasis and Explore Local Farms in Davie County

As winter’s chill fades away and spring’s warmth creeps in, there’s an undeniable urge to step outside and soak up the sunshine. After months of hibernating indoors, spring gives us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. What better way to do that than by starting a garden and exploring local farmer’s markets?

Gardening: Cultivating More Than Plants

Springtime marks the beginning of the growing season, making it a great time to start a garden. Whether you have a large plot of land or space only for a few pots on a balcony, getting our hands dirty rewards us not only with beautiful flowers but with a myriad of other benefits.

Anyone who tends a garden can tell you – gardening is therapeutic. There’s something deeply satisfying about digging in the soil, planting seeds, and watching them blossom and grow into healthy plants. It’s a mindful activity that allows us to slow down, be present, and connect with the rhythm of nature. 

Gardening also promotes physical activity and encourages a healthier lifestyle. From weeding and digging to planting and harvesting, tending to a garden can be hard work! This provides a source of exercise that can improve both our physical fitness and our mental health. 

And let’s not forget the joy of harvesting your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. A sense of accomplishment comes with enjoying the fruits of your labor, knowing that you produced the food on your plate or the bouquet of flowers on your table. 

To start planting your garden this spring, check out Steelman’s Ace Hardware in Advance. They have everything from peppers and tomato plants to seeds for those who prefer to start from scratch. 

Heritage True Value Hardware in Cooleemee is another great store offering a variety of seed stock. The family-owned hardware store is sure to help prepare you for all your home and yard renovations.

Terrranova Farm in Mocksville is your local heirloom tomato specialist! Whether you’d like juicy, organically seed-grown tomatoes or unique tomato plants for your garden this year, they have all the mouthwatering varieties and cross-breeds you won’t find in stores. They grow flowers and other produce, too!

Consider a stop at Davie Farm Service – Southern States. The corner store has been serving Davie County for over fifty years! From vegetable plants to bale feeders, fertilizer to barbed wire, they stock everything for all of your lawn and garden needs.

Be sure not to miss Andy’s Country Store, off Highway 158 in Advance, another long-time staple in Davie. They have plenty of pine needles to keep your yard looking freshly manicured in the spring.

If your yard needs mulch this year, consider Mulch-N-More of Advance. They offer tailored mulch spreading and landscaping services, along with high-quality mulch and soil products for purchase.

For those looking to do more major landscaping this spring, check out Wind Chime Nursery in Farmington. The tree nursery and landscaping contractor offers delivery, on-site installations, and landscape design services. Their ten greenhouses provide a variety of trees, shrubs, and fruit trees to choose from.

Landscape Supply of Advance is another one-stop shop for all things landscaping! This supply company in Advance has a huge inventory of products, including gravel, topsoil, stone, sand, mulch, retaining wall blocks, fill dirt, pavers, and boulders. They are eager to make your next landscaping project hassle-free.

Hillcrest Farms is another local farm that offers plant deliveries as well as beautiful flower arrangements for special occasions! Whether you’re looking for quirky succulents or herb and vegetable starters, they will deliver your new plants right to your door.

Fresh from the Garden: Farmer’s Markets 

While starting a garden allows you to grow your own food, exploring Davie County’s local farmer’s markets is another fantastic way to embrace the season and support our community. 

By shopping at farmer’s markets, you gain access to fresh, healthy, seasonal produce, and you have the opportunity to connect directly with the people who grow your food. You can ask questions about where and how the food was produced, learn about different produce varieties, and gain a deeper appreciation for the agricultural heritage of our region. 

Check out these local farmer’s markets:

Mocksville Farmer’s Market
May Through October on Wednesdays
105 S. Salisbury Road, Mocksville

Bermuda Run Farmer’s Market
April Through October on Fridays
190 Hwy 801 South, Advance

Advance Farmer’s Market
April Through October on Saturdays
1911 NC Hwy 801 South, Advance

These farmer’s markets will be open every week from spring through fall and will feature many local Davie County farms and vendors. Come out to support them!

Supporting Local: Visit Farms in Davie

Some local farms also host their own independent markets or welcome customers to stop by. They are sure to have tons of fresh produce and animal products for purchase this spring. Be sure to check them out.

The Kennedy Family Farms Country Market aims to bring you not only fresh produce but wholesome ingredients and local artisan goods. Come Wednesday through Sunday to Ijames Church Road in Mocksville for fresh eggs or milk, along with home decor or skincare products you just can’t resist. Join them on the first Saturday of each month, May through November, for their monthly Maker’s Market.

Dew Drop Farms is a family-operated farm growing tomatoes, strawberries, and other seasonal produce. They offer fresh milk, baked goods, pine straw and more from other local vendors and are open Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Cherry Hill Farm often hosts vendors on Saturday mornings on Cherry Hill Rd in Mocksville, offering fresh milk, eggs, meat, and produce for sale. 

The Hoover Family Produce Market is another local farm offering great fresh food at an affordable price. Their market is open Wednesdays through Saturdays on Woodward Road in Mocksville. Stop by to find fresh produce, country ham, dried beans, and much more. 

Yellow Bell Farms is another farm you can find at local farmer’s markets, but they love for customers to visit them at their location in Mocksville! They grow delicious fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Follow Koren Farms for fun special events and markets that host local artisans & vendors. Their diverse farm experience includes hayrides, alpaca feedings, and even pumpkin picking in the fall!

There are so many wonderful farms based in Davie County. To learn about all of them, check out the Visit NC Farm App or consult the Davie County Cooperative Extension, your local agricultural gurus.

Flowers and Honey Bees Make for More Fun in the Garden!

If you love flowers and earth’s natural pollinators—the honeybee—you’re not alone! Check out these businesses that offer fresh honey, beeswax products, and flowers that can make your home look beautiful this spring and beyond.

Johnson Apiaries & Farm not only offers fresh produce and eggs from their garden, but you guessed it – honey! These beekeepers harvest and produce fresh honey. Arrange for pick up at their farm in Mocksville.

For those interested in starting their own bee colony, reach out to Dyson Apiaries. Dyson Apiaries specializes in nucleus colonies (nucs) and honey production. Customers can order queen bees or nucs complete with brood, bees, honey, and the queen bee. They also offer honey deliveries and beeswax products!

Cedar House Farms is a family-owned farm growing mushrooms, seasonal fruits and produce. Their vibrant flower bouquets are also not to be missed! They even offer a floral subscription for the flower lovers in your life.

Wind Song at Cedar Creek believes everything is better with flowers! Wind Song is a family-owned farm specializing in cut flowers. They offer beautiful custom arrangements by delivery, or you can make an appointment to stop by and see their current selection. 

Pick Your Own!

For those who want the farm-to-table experience but don’t have a garden to harvest, consider heading out to local farms that allow you to pick your produce! 

Pick-your-own farms allow you to hand-pick fruits, vegetables, and even flowers straight from the fields. 

Picking your own produce is not only a fun outdoor activity for the whole family but an educational experience that fosters an appreciation for where our food comes from. It’s a chance to see firsthand how crops are grown and connect with the farmers who work hard to bring food to our tables. 

So grab a basket, put on your sunscreen, and head out to these local farms!

In Advance, you can find Hall’s Berry Farm, a family-owned organic blueberry farm. Be sure to stop by in mid-to-late June when blueberries start to ripen!

The Fields at Sunflower Trail offers a fun excursion and an opportunity to pick beautiful flowers. This sunflower maze and flower farm is open for two to three weeks, once in the summer and once in the fall. Customers navigate through the maze of sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias, which offers plenty of photo-worthy moments. You can bring home your own bouquet of wildflowers for only a few dollars.

Let Spring Inspire You 

As spring unfolds, let’s seize the opportunity to get outside, get our hands dirty, and connect with the natural world around us. Whether you’re starting a garden in your backyard or exploring the abundance of local farms and farmer’s markets, embrace the season and let it inspire you to cultivate a deeper connection to our earth. Happy spring!