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Get the Scoop on the Coolest Ice Cream Contest

It’s the quintessential summer treat- ice cream! People around the U.S. recognize the importance of ice cream by declaring July National Ice Cream Month.

Where can you celebrate National Ice Cream Month in Davie County? We thought you might ask so we complied some delicious suggestions.

No matter where you are in Davie or what type of snacks or foods you love, there is a place for that. Check out our full listing with links and locations to help you find restaurants quickly.

close up of a German Shepherd Mix Dog licking a rainbow colored ice cream cone on a summer day

Easy Contest Details

Any time between July 15 – 29th, take a photo of yourself, your adorable kids- or even your pets- eating ice cream. The funnier the photo, the better! Tag us @discoverdaviecounty. DM us your photos on Facebook, Instagram or use the chatbox right here on our website.

We will share your fun and cute pics on our social media accounts. In addition, to sharing your photos with the world, you are automatically entered to win one of our great prizes in a random drawing on Friday, July 30, 2021. You can have multiple entries.

Two prizes will be awarded. The Davie County Chamber of Commerce is donating $20 gift certificates for The Station and Scoops Ice Cream Shop in downtown Mocksville.

Blond haired little boy in a lawn chair eats a homemade popsicle

Here’s The Scoop – ANY Ice Cream Counts

Any kind of icy treat counts so you can grab some at one of our suggestions above, purchase your favorite at a grocery store, or even make your own. Just remember to tag us and send us a copy of your snapshot! 

Shakes, scoops, sundaes, popsicles, snow-balls, or cones; ice cream is a favorite treat and we would love to share a sprinkle of fun with you. So please join us for the coolest contest of the summer!

Did You Know?

Ice cream is one of the U.S.A.’s favorite desserts. It is so popular that back in 1984 President Ronald Regan officially established July as National Ice Cream Month. 

There is even a chilling scientific theory developed by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch that your personality will reflect your favorite ice cream flavor. Test out that theory here with our fun personality quiz below and join us for a tasty treat and get a chance to win a cool prize.

Remember, when life gives you popsicles, eat them before they melt!