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Save The Date – Using Pinterest to Make a Perfect Wedding Plan

Whatever your style – whether you want your gathering to be elegant, extravagant, or casual fun,  you can make that happen with a bit of help from Pinterest and our wedding guide. 

Making a Plan That Works with Pinterest 

Creating a plan is the crucial first step toward making your dream wedding happen. Pinterest can be an invaluable tool. Create boards for each area of your wedding. Pinterest can be both inspirational and collaborative.

Remember to find out how involved your partner wants to be – which aspects are most important to them? What level of involvement will other family members have?

Divide and Conquer

Add your bridal party, friends, and family to the boards you want them to have input on or responsibility for. Pinterest allows you to leave notes and send each other messages or send pins with new ideas too. Create private boards for the wedding plans that only you need to access or view. 

Your wedding is a group celebration, and Pinterest lets you make it a group effort as well.  


Don’t be afraid to enlist help – do your best not to become a bridezilla, but it’s your day, and most of your friends and loved ones will want to be part of making it memorable! 

Working With a Wedding Planner

Will you work with a planner? Your Pinterest boards can show your wedding planner or venue the styles and colors you are interested in. Even better, photographers, local planners, venues, and wedding suppliers may also be on Pinterest, making it easy to view things they have available or themes they have used in the past. 

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Sticking to a Budget

Pinterest has loads of free budget and planning lists made by other brides and the professionals that will guide you.  All those beautiful images can help you choose your colors and arrange a wedding that will fit your style as well as your budget.

Decide how much you have to spend in total. If family members are involved, list who will be responsible financially for each of the following:  

Decide which of the items you will be paying for and which others are taking on. Then make a list with your partner that shows which items are the most important to you. 

Once you know what is a priority, you can quickly decide which features you can spend less on and which you may need to allocate more funds to. 

Create a Pinterest board for each priority.

Be sure when you plan and discuss that original budget that you work in a financial buffer for unexpected items or if you simply decide it’s a priority to upgrade something!

Knowing where your priorities are will ultimately help you stick to that budget!

“Please remember, if it won’t affect you in the next five years, then it is not worth debate in the next five minutes.”

Southern Mood Gift Shop 
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Before the Wedding

The fun and festivities begin long before the day of the BIG celebration. Wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner are all opportunities to bond with the entire bridal party and your new family members. 

It’s sometimes the little things that let them all know how much you appreciate them pitching in and being there for you. Our local boutiques and gift shops have some clever ideas for matching t-shirts, favors, bridal party gifts, decorations, and more. 


Make things special for your bridal party: order custom or personalized gifts such as bridal party robes for the big morning. Make your pre-wedding celebrations unique with matching t-shirts in your colors!

Ma & Me Accessories
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Plan Ahead for Beauty and Comfort

Make a plan for spa and beauty treatments ahead of time. A simple schedule can help you avoid much last-minute panic. Connect with the hairstylists, tanning salons, and nail or skin-care specialists we have listed in the guide – have we mentioned that you should see how many are on Pinterest? We have it from those who are in-the-know that investing in lash extensions or a lash lift is the perfect way to avoid streaming mascara on the big day. 

Include the moms and the bridal party in your plans and make that spa day more fun. You may even get a bridal party discount. 


“Allow enough time to get ready. It will take longer for the bride and ladies in the wedding party to get their hair and makeup done than you think. This is a time to cherish with the ones who will be standing by your side so you don’t want it to become stressful.”

Jeanna, Word Master Media Group

Plan Ahead for Less Stress

Avoid the craziness of being the host for out-of-town guests during the busy days just before the wedding. It is easy to reserve a block of rooms at one of our highly recommended places to stay

Families will love the arcade and pool areas at the Hampton Inn, which is really close to some of our venues, including Winmock at Kinderton and the Stable at Riverview or they may want to take advantage of our outdoor activities and local campgrounds. Couples will want to check out The Suite Place on Main for a quaint place to stay with easy access to all of Mocksville’s downtown activities and restaurants. Check with your chosen venue for special pricing on nearby places to stay as well. 

If family members need to stay at your place, consider making a reservation for yourself. A venue such as The Boxwood Estate, where you can host the wedding PLUS stay the night before in one of their lovely historic rooms will allow you to relax and then ease into your special day without worrying about hosting visitors from out of town.

Find locations near your chosen venue for the wedding rehearsal dinner to save time and stress and make transportation easier. Use our handy Restaurant Guide or visit the Dining page to find the perfect place to dine that will keep you within that budget!  

Working That Plan

When it comes to working your plan we’ve got your back. The Discover Davie Wedding Guide lists and links to many of our area vendors and all of the venues! From rustic to elegant, from do-it-yourself to venues that have coordinators and support staff – locations for every style and budget. 

Take a look now at the guide here. Or click the image below to see the full wedding guide. It covers the practical with quick links to marriage licensing tips and where to rent decor, china, and equipment. It includes bakeries, whimsical gift ideas, and transportation ideas- plus much more. 

And we will see you on Pinterest!